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Slaves of the Tongue is collection of realistic and scientific observation, studies. and nutrition science, describing and reminding us of the invaluable properties of edible plants, seeds, legumes, huts and grains.  

The nutrients in food are the substances the maintain health life and lasting energy. Food alone  can maintain life, but in the absence of health.

Slaves of the Tongue is the key to awakening your desire to live health and fit, support your immune system, produce healthy cells and regulate systemic organ functionality.

-Farid Zarif    PhD, MPH

Slaves of the Tongue - The Book

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Powerful Nutrition gives you the Energy , vitality and strength

Cleanse and tone your large intestine 

Build a strong and powerful immune system

Preventive measure for your whole body 

Specialty Supplements for specific body needs

Five Immediate Life Changers!

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