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Ideally, you'll slowly wean yourself off favorite foods that are heavily processed and high in fat or calories, and replace them with more nutritious options. At any time during this process, feel free to use our Rhythm Method/Executive Life Diet(R) eating plan, which shows you what to eat and when to eat it, and that increases some healthful foods and decreases others. It's best for our new ELD(R) members to create a new Rhythm Method/Executive Life Diet(R) plan. 

Don't worry if you are a vegetarian, or have allergies or intolerances. Your personalized ELD(R) eating plan may not include all of the recommended food groups, but it will provide adequate nutrients.


Change is hard. Making small, gradual changes in your eating patterns is the best way to overhaul your diet. Some experts suggest making just one change each week, to give you time to get used to the new behavior. Your ultimate goal is to establish new eating habits that can be sustained for a lifetime. 

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Set Realistic Goals

Most people who need to lose weight set lofty goals, dreaming of fitting into clothing sizes that may not be realistic for them. Yet losing as little as 5% to 10% of your body weight can improve the way you feel, put a zip in your step, and, most importantly, improve your health. Studies show that losing even small amounts of weight can improve overall health and, specifically, lower blood pressure, and blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Set weight loss goals that are attainable, and keep in mind that the recommended rate of weight loss is only 1-2 pounds per week. Slow and steady wins this race. It takes time to learn new eating habits that will last for the rest of your life.

Reward, Don't Punish

To keep motivation high, reward yourself after reaching minigoals. After all, losing 5 pounds or making it to the gym five times in a week deserves a pat on the back.

On the other hand, don't be too hard on yourself when you fall off the wagon -- everyone does, sooner or later. Anticipate that slipups will happen, and when they do, just brush yourself off and get right back on track. Use your slipup to learn where you are vulnerable, and decide how you will handle the situation the next time without abandoning your diet. My suggestion is try to do your best 80% of the time, and relax the rules somewhat the other 20% of the time.

Get a Support Team (even if it is one person)

Support is an essential part of a successful weight loss and eating plan program. Enlist a family member, find a friend to join you in your walks or workouts, and get involved in the ELD online community. These people will become a source of inspiration, support, and encouragement on a regular basis -- and especially when the going gets tough.

Track Your Meals

Successful weight loss or your changing eating regimen, is very important to document what, when and how much you eat. The simple act of writing it down is a powerful tool that can help keep you in control.


You may be the one who saves your life by making smart decisions and commit to a solid plan to increase your health, fitness, and adequate sleep.