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Naturally, Vegetarian

The Executive Life Diet(R), exclusively endorses IBW(R).  IBW(R) is effective, nutritious, and delicious.  Why? Because we use the very best Vegetarian ingredients, it taste great, and it works! IBW is also super effective for losing weight and managing weight loss, while providing enough protein to support muscle maintenance. IBW eliminates and significantly reduces risks associated with disease, disorders and illness. 

Weight Loss Tip: Start consuming IBW 1st, 7th and 12th hours (read below) you could be featured on our "Alive and Well" Podcast!

1st Hour Meal (R) (Breakfast) is the most effective meal for your initial bowel movement, and physical rejuvenation. Your first meal is your daily "Energy Pace-Setter" (EPS) that compliments your daily brain-waves and heart activity. 

7th Hour Meal (R) (Lunch) is the most effective and prudent time to ingest your largest meal. Why? Because the seventh hour is the midway of your twelve hour ingestion period, the first half of your twenty-four hour circadian rhythm. Plus, it allows you to increase digestive processing by having an average of another six to eight hours before you retire to sleep.

12th Hour Meal (Dinner) is the most effective meal as your smallest daily meal. Eating large meals before retiring to sleep is anti-wellness. Eating a small meal is most sensible and healthful and has a panoply of benefits including, deeper uninterrupted sleep, slower heart activity, regulated respiratory activity, balance brain-wave activity and many more.

Brilliant Minds

"Wow, the Executive Life Diet works the moment I started. I feel lighter, way more energetic, and I cannot believe that I am sleeping without insomnia."


—  Martin Sprenzen, President, CEO

Vantiq Corporation